City trip to Olbia, Sardinia!

The Corso Umberto, the Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo, the San Simplicio Basilica and the National Archaeological Museum. In this blog we tell you how you can see all these sights in one day!

City trip to Olbia, Sardinia!

Although at first glance Olbia gives an industrial impression, the city has an impressive historic center which is definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Sardinia . Olbia's main attractions are the Corso Umberto, the Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo, the San Simplicio Basilica and the National Archaeological Museum. In this blog we tell you how you can see all these places in one day!

Corso Umberto

First things first, the Corso Umberto; the most popular street in Olbia. Corso Umberto is a charming street that runs from the train station to the sea through the old part of the city. If you walk through this street you will come across numerous boutiques, ice cream parlours and restaurants. Here you can enjoy all the best that the city has to offer.

Corso Umberto
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Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo

If you continue to follow Corso Umberto, going towards the sea, you can stop halfway along Corso Umberto to admire the Church of San Paolo Apostolo. The Church of San Paolo Apostolo dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest churches in Olbia. The church is recognizable by its colorful dome, and the elaborate decorations inside: the mosaics, the imposing bell tower and the colorful paintings will make you forget everything around you.

Chiesa di San Apostolo
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National Archaeological Museum

From the Chiesa di San Paolo Apostolo we continue our way on the Corso Umberto. At the end of the Corso Umberto, we find the harbour. Here is a small island (Peddone) where the National Archaeological Museum is located. This modern museum teaches you more about the history of the city. Even if you are interested in archaeology, it is worth to have a walk through this museum. The museum is accessible via a footbridge.

Nationaal Archeologisch Museum Olbia
Source: Sardegna Turismo

The Basilica di San Simplicio

From the National Archaeological Museum, we then walk back to the train station via Corso Umberto. Once here we walk to the Piazza San Simplicio, on the other side of the station. The famous Basilica di San Simplicio is one of the best preserved Romanesque churches in Sardinia , and it is for good reason one of the island's most popular attractions. This Romanesque church is home to some of the finest Italian works of art, including the statue of the patron saint, for which the church is known.

Basilica di San Simplicio
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Haven't gotten enough of Olbia yet?

Then you can visit the Castello di Pedres, about ten kilometers far from the center of Olbia. The Castello di Pedres is located on a steep hill, about 89 meters above sea level. Due to its location, the castle was used as a defensive stronghold. Park the car and walk up the hill via the stepped path. The short but stiff climb is also easy to do with children, and the walk takes approximately 10 minutes. Along the way and on top of the hill you have a beautiful view over the valley towards Olbia and the sea.


Castello di Pedres
  Source: Hello Olbia Turismo

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