Beach holidays in Sardinia

Enjoy the sun, feel the sand under your feet and cool off in the clear azure waters of the Sardinian sea. Sardinia is THE place for your beach holidays in Europe! View our offer and find the perfect beach paradise for your next holiday!

Beach holidays in Sardinia

The clear azure sea, pearly white beaches, and a very pleasant temperature. It is not without reason that some compare the beaches around Sardinia with those of the Caribbean. Sardinia has some of the best beaches in Europe, and is one of the top beach holidays destinations in Italy. 

The sea will never be too far away from your holiday home in Sardinia, so there is always a beach within reach! Even if you want to visit Sardinia for the local culture, food or historic heritage, the Sardinian beaches are a must-see.

Costa Smeralda beach in Sardinia aerial viewCosta Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda, on the north-eastern side of Sardinia, is probably the most popular destination for sun & beach tourism in Sardinia, which is hardly surprising. There are many wonderful Caribbean style coves and long sandy beaches in this part of the island. During summer, in Costa Smeralda you can also enjoy beach parties as this part of Sardinia is a lively tourist hotspot where you can have plenty of fun, but that means it can be busy there during the high season. The most famous beaches are those of Porto Cervo, Poltu Cuatu, Capriccioli and Cala di Volpe which are all are exclusive jet set destinations. 


Blue sea La Maddalena Sardinia

Right in fron of the coast, there is the archipelago of La Maddalena, named after its main island which is the only one to have inhabitants. The sea water here is very clear and those who search well will find several hidden beaches and coves framed in the Mediterranean vegetation and granite rocks of the coast.

Experience Costa Smeralda 

Riviera del Corallo

This part of the coast is as popular as the Costa Smeralda, even if less famous. In the Riviera del Corallo you can enjoy, besides the wonderful beaches, the lively town of Alghero, the local food, and wines (some of the most important Sardinian wineries are in this area), and plenty of outdoor sport activities.

The beaches here are immersed in the pristine Sardinian nature, but you will always have the lively Alghero within reach, where you can find very well-organized beach lounge areas, with all types of services that you may need. The beaches in the city of Alghero were spared from the city’s rapid urbanization, here you can find some very nice beaches even if you stay in the city, where you will also have plenty of typical restaurants and beach bars within reach.

The beaches of the Riviera del Corallo

Asinara & Stintino

Cala Arena beach can be found on the island of Asinara, off the north coast of Sardinia. The beach is not not known by most of the tourists, so there is a pleasant tranquillity. It is a small beach, and to get there you first must get a permission from the park managers. Once you have it, you get access to a magical stretch of beach.

Opposite the island is La Pelosa beach, in the locality of Stintino, which is known as one of the contenders for best beach in Europe. It is often a bit busier there, as it is very popular both among tourists and locals. Here you can find all type of services and fun activities, however if you like tranquillity you may want to visit Stintino in May, September or even the beginning of October (the summer can be quite long in Sardinia).

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe....

Cala Gonone

This part of the Sardinian coast, in Nuoro’s province is frequented both by locals and tourists not only for the amazing hidden coves and wonderful beaches, but also because it is an outdoor sports paradise. From rock climbing to surfing & windsurfing, hiking and mountain biking, kayaking an canyoning, you can find the right challenge to match your preferences and skills!

The Gulf of Orosei has a long coastline, with beaches of fine white sand and a clear blue sea. It is located on the east side of Sardinia. Even if this part of Sardinia is very quiet, its well organized to receive tourists, as there are plenty of facilities such as restaurants and accommodation. The beaches of Palmasera, Cala Luna, Grotte di Cala Gonone and Marina di Orosei are worth a visit.

   Cala Gonone Sardinia best beaches collage


Kids on the beach of San Teodoro in Sardinia

San Teodoro

The seaside town of San Teodoro is located in a wonderful part of the Sardinian east coast. From La Cinta, which is the town’s beach, to the coves and bays of Capo Coda Cavallo, in San Teodoro you will have some of the best beaches in Sardinia within reach!

A beach that you should visit in the San Teodoro area is Cala Brandinchi is a large bay with shallow and crystal-clear water and white dunes on the east coast of Sardinia. Because of its tropical paradise look, the locals nicknamed this beach “Tahiti”. The shallow and clear water is ideal for families with children. 

The bay is part of the Area Marina Protetta di Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo, a protected natural area, which is perfect for hiking or exploring the coast looking for hidden coves.

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South Sardinia

The province of Sud Sardegna, on the south side of the island, has miles of beaches and several beautiful bays. The popular Costa Rei and Villasimius are among the best beach localities in Sardinia. Villasimius is located on a peninsula, so from there you can see the sea on two sides. Both beaches are now very popular among holidaymakers, so it can be a bit busier in the high season

Further in direction shouth-east from the city of cagliari, there are the beaches of Chia. These are located in a protected nature reserve and in the town there is a tower from the time of the Saracens, from where you have a beautiful view over the bay.

Chia beach in Sardinia


If you want a really lively beach with plenty of beach bars and entertainment “Il Poetto” is Cagliari’s favourite beach, and here you will find bars, restaurants, rental services, and parking, all conveniently connected with the city of Cagliari, both by road and public transport. This beach is also perfect for families with young kids, as its safe and there is always a lifeguard team present.

Budelli Pink Beach La Maddalena Sardinia

La Maddalena

This archipelago is one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia, a real must-see if you are in the north of the island. In the archipelago, there is the isle of Budelli where you can find the “Pink Beach” (Spiaggia Rosa in Italian), which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.  This unique beach can be found in the National Park of La Maddalena, in the north of Sardinia. 

The pink sand consists of thousands of pink broken pieces of coral, shells, and limestone. Unfortunately, this beach is no longer accessible because the authorities could not stop the tourists from taking the coloured sand home in bags as a souvenir. In Sardinia this is a serious problem, and the fines are heavy in case the authorities notice such behaviour.

Sinis Peninsula

The Sinis peninsula in the province or Oristano, is known for the archaeological heritage, the unspoiled nature and the long sandy beaches, is one of the European Destinations of Excellence, which means the destination successfully follows a sustainable tourism development strategy.

The Sinis is the perfect destination for a holiday away from the crowds that visit other parts of Sardinia. The Sinis peninsula started its development later than other parts of the Sardinian coast, and with a more sustainable approach. In the Sinis you can find amazing beaches as the quartz sand beaches of Mari Ermi and Is Arutas, the long white beach of Putzu Idu with plenty of beach bars and restaurants.

Blue-Flag beaches in Sardinia

The Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) hands out blue flags every year to the cleanest beaches in Italy. Sardinia currently has six. The Blue-Flag eco-label is only awarded to beaches that meet strict criteria. Good water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, sustainable development and safety are the most important criterias.

The most well-preserved beaches in Sardinia are:

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  • Quartu Sant’Elena - Poetto


  • Palau - Palau vecchio, Sciumara
  • La Maddalena - Caprera
  • Santa Teresa Gallura - La Rena Bianca, Capo Testa ponente


  • Oristano - Torregrande 


  • Tortolì - Baia di Cea e Lido d’ Orrì

View the full list of Blue-Flag beaches.

Villasimius long beach in Sardinia


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