Wellness holidays in Sardinia

Need a wellness break? Stay at a SPA hotel in Sardinia, or visit one of the thermal springs or wellness centres in the island!

Sardinia SPA & Wellness Centres

thermal baths Le Acque di Sardara in Sardinia

Sardinia is a great choice for wellness holiday. Thermal baths, SPAs and thalasso; you can find it all in Sardinia. One of the more interesting options are the ancient springs where the romans built their thermae, like the baths of Fordongianus or the thermae of Sardara. The province of Sassari in particular is rich in spa complexes that offer the most diverse treatments.

Hot baths in a SPA in SardiniaYou can combine your wellness holiday in Sardinia with a visit to one of the cities on the island and a delicious dinner in one of the many top restaurants. In addition, we have agritourism options in our catalogue that are also a good base for a relaxing holiday in Sardinia. 

Thermal baths in Sardinia  

  • Terme di Casteldoria , province of Sassari: a modern spa complex with a long range of treatments. It consists of two parts that face each other on the banks of the Coghinas River.


  • Le acque di Sardara, province of South Sardinia: one of the most famous spas in Sardinia. The warm water in this source consists of rainwater and is said to be beneficial for various skin diseases. The history of the thermal baths dates back to the 16th century, when the Nuragic people started to use them in the performance of their rituals.


  • Terme Aurora , province of Sassari : thermal baths with water from 110 different sources. Astronomer Ptolemy has already written about it. The thermal baths are located in a plain near San Saturnino and the water has a pleasant temperature of around 40 degrees. The adjacent spa resort has an extensive range of treatments.

  • Baths of Fordongianus, province of Oristano: Roman baths hidden next to the river Tirso. On the route to the thermal baths there are stone statues that add to the scene of the ancient roman baths. The thermal baths themselves consist of baths and springs with both cold and warm water. The associated spa complex also offers various treatment and activities. 

  • Terme di San Saturnino , province of Sassari: thermal baths of Roman origin. The water is around 40 degrees and has healing properties. On top of the hill on which the baths can be found is an old church, which is also worth a visit. 

  • Terme di Tempio Pausania, province of Sassari : thermal baths with mineral water from the source of Rinagghju. The complex is located northeast of the city of Sassari . The area around the sources is great for walking.

Fordongianus river with hot springs in Sardinia


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