Playing golf in Sardinia

A beautiful landscape and the sea in the background, that is playing golf in Sardinia. The warm sun and the beautiful courses ensure a day of complete relaxation, enjoyment and fun.

Golf courses in Sardinia

Golf ball Pevero Golf Club Sardinia

Sardinia offers the ideal climate for playing golf. There are five main golf courses spread over the island. There are two golf courses near the city of Cagliari , one is located on the coast south of Cagliari in Santa Margherita di Pula and the other on the coast north of Cagliari in Villasimius. 

In the province of Nuoro, near the coast in San Teodoro there is another interesting golf course. The only golf course that is not located near the coast is the golf course in Narbolia, Oristano. The real jet set in Sardinia cannot be left behind and the last golf course is located in the exclusive Porto Cervo.

Is Molas Golf Club Sardinia

Is Molas Golf Club

This golf course located in Santa Margherita di Pula has 18 holes par 72 and has a length of 6383 meters. This makes it the largest golf course in Sardinia. This golf course is over 30 years old. The golf course is located in the hills near the sea and this destination therefore offers the perfect climate for playing golf all year round. Check out the golf course! 

Tanka Golf Club Villasimius Sardinia

Tanka Golf Club

Located in Villasimius, this Golf course was voted the best new golf course in Italy in 2007 by 'World of Golf'. The golf course is 40 hectares, has a length of 5418 meters with a total of 18 holes par 70. The golf course is located one hour's drive from Cagliari and is therefore the ideal golf course to combine with a visit to this beautiful city.
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Puntaldia Golf Club San Teodoro near OlbiaGolf Club Puntaldia

Only 10 km from the tourist resort of San Teodoro. Olbia is also easily accessible within 30 minutes. This small golf course opened in 1990. The course has 9 holes par 30 with a total length of 1832 meters. The golf course is open from March 1 to October 1.
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Is Arenas Golf Club in SardiniaIs Arenas Golf Club

The Is Arenas Golf Club is one of the top 10 golf courses in Italy. With its 18-hole par 72, 40 covered tees and various game facilities, this 6327-meter course is one of the largest golf courses in Sardinia. The golf course is located in Narbolia, in the seaside pine forest of Is Arenas. The golf course is not on the sea, but in 5 minutes by car you can be at the beach of Is Arenas.


Pevero Golf ClubPevero Golf Club Porto Cervo

Located just 10 minutes away from the exclusive Porto Cervo, with a panoramic view of the beautiful Costa Smeralda. The golf course has existed since 1972 and absolutely everything is available for rent on this golf course, from shoes to golf carts. In addition, there is also a souvenir shop where various golf products are also available. The golf course has 18 holes, par 72 and has a total length of 6107 meters.

Golf Course Near the sea Sardinia Costa Smeralda


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