Sardinia is divided into 5 provinces, Metropolitan city of Cagliari (Citta Metropolitana di Cagliari, CA), Nuoro (NU), Oristano (OR), Sassari (SS) and Sud Sardegna (SU).

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Until 2016, the region of Sardinia was divided in 8 provinces. However, a reclassification took place in 2016, ratified by Regional Law No. 2 of 4 February 2016. The former provinces of Cagliari, Carbonia-Iglesias, Medio Campidano, Olbia-Tempio and Ogliastra have been abolished and Sardinia is now divided into 5 new provinces: the Metropolitan city of Cagliari (Citta Metropolitana di Cagliari, CA), Nuoro (NU), Oristano (OR), Sassari (SS) and Sud Sardegna (SU). 

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The capital of Sardinia, due to its dimension, is now a province on its own, called Città Metropolitana di Cagliari. The city, located on the southern coast of the island, is one of the must-see places in Sardinia. Thanks to its location, on hills that descend to the coast, Cagliari offers spectacular city panoramas. From the Saint Remy bastion, for example, is possible to admire the entire city until the port, maybe while having a nice dinner in one of the bastion’s restaurants, or while enjoying the sunset and sipping an Aperol-Spritz served with nice appetizers.

Being the largest city in Sardinia, Cagliari has a lot to offer: the characteristic small shopping streets, monumental churches, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. You will never get bored in Cagliari! 


The province of Sud Sardegna is renowned for the long sandy beaches of the Costa Verde and the UNESCO world heritage sites of the Parco Geo-Minerario of Sardinia. The province has two small islands that are worth a visit: San’t Antioco and Carloforte. Also, in this province, there are the famous beaches of Porto Pino and Chia on the western coast and Villasimius on the eastern coast.

Islands and beaches, but also important archaeological sites: the Nuragic village of Barumini is probably the most interesting Nuragic on the island, and you can have a guided tour (in English) of the site. Another must-see is the park of the Giara di Gesturis, where is possible (and easy) to see the small Sardinian wild horses.  


The province of Oristano is located on the Sardinian west coast and is a sparsely populated province known mostly for the archaeological sites, nature, and beaches. The city of Oristano and the surrounding area can be considered one of the “off the beaten track” tourist destinations in Sardinia.

Oristano has a lot to offer: from the spectacular medieval carnival, Sa Sartiglia, to the archaeological sites such as the Nuraghe Losa, the ruins of the ancient city of Tharros, and the Giants of Monteprama to the pristine nature and (of course) the beautiful beaches. Oristano counts plenty of must-sees for your holidays in Sardinia! 


Nuoro, located on Sardinia’s east coast on the Tyrrhenian sea, has an authentic rural character and little industrialization. The authentic character of this region was protected by the Gennargentu mountain chain, which valleys are the homeland of the most authentic Sardinian culture.

Like Oristano, Nuoro is one of the “off the beaten track” destinations in Sardinia, yet it is the perfect place to discover the Sardinian culture: in these regions, there are plenty of cultural events, museums, and archaeological sites.

The province of Nuoro has more than culture and history to show. The beach of Cala Gonone is one of the most popular in Sardinia both for a relaxing beach holiday away from the crowds, and a more adventurous holiday: climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, and kayaking are all possible in this small corner of Sardinia!  


In the northern part of Sardinia, the province of Sassari has something to offer everyone! In this province there are famous destination like the exclusive Costa Smeralda, Alghero, Cannigione, San Teodoro, and Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Beaches like Stintino, Cala Brandinchi, Budoni Beach, and towns like Alghero, Olbia, or Porto Cervo are not the only reasons why this province is one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays in Sardinia. The province of Sassari has two international airports: the airport of Olbia Costa Smeralda and the airport of Alghero Fertilia. The province has also two ports: Porto Torres and Olbia, which are connected by ferries to mainland Italy, Corsica, and France. 

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Sardinia is not the largest island in the Mediterranean, but it is perhaps the most beautiful island, thanks to the extensive plains, scenic mountain, and pristine forests and of course the beautiful crystal-clear sea everywhere! Sardinia is located under the coast of Tuscany is is easily accessible from Tuscany with various ferry and flight connections. 

Sardinia is a breath-taking island. Relaxers can enjoy a wonderful beach holiday and adventures can find plenty of challenging outdoor activities. The varied landscape with mountains, vast plains and small village is the dream of all hikers and cyclists! Many tourists decide to have a road trip to discover the island and its history in a pleasant tour! 

Bastione San Remy Cagliari Sardinia
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Oristano Sinis Coast                                                                                Cala Luna view Nuoro

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