Car rental in Sardinia, benefits & tips

Do you want to travel easily from the airport to your accommodation ? And do you want to discover the best places in the area without any worries? Then renting a car is the perfect solution! We listed for you 10 practical tips for renting a car in Sardinia!

Car rental in Sardinia, benefits & tips

With a rental car you can discover the best places at your own pace. Want to have a road trip to discover Sardinia or you just want a beach vacation ? A rental car makes every holiday easier & complete!

Easy & Flexible

With your own rental car, you can go wherever you want whenever you want! That is the biggest advantage of renting a car for your holiday, because Sardinia is a big island, and a car gives you the freedom to explore it all. You can easily drive to the typical villages in the hills and to the most beautiful beaches. You can tour the island and stop wherever you want. With a rental car you get to places where you would otherwise not come. In addition, it is the fastest way from point A to B.


Saving money

With your own rental car, you could easily save a lot of money during your holiday, especially if you plan to make various excursions. For example: three excursions for a family of four can cost more than 500 euros, while a rental car costs an average of Euro 350 per week. 

You also save a lot of money by booking your rental car in advance. If you arrange your rental car from home, chances are that you will pay the same price for a whole week as for a few days on the spot. It is the same with airline tickets, the longer you wait to book, the more expensive the ticket.

Our 10 tips for renting a car in Sardinia:

  • The price is per 24h: So coordinate your collection and return times as closely as possible.
  • Child seat and booster seat: if you travel with kids, remember to book the child seat or booster seat in advance.
  • Handy on the go: do not forget your navigation app and car charger, as it may be necessary to find your way in Sardinia.
  • Compare the rental locations: comparing the offer at different pick-up locations can be advantageous (€).
  • Fuel regulation: if you pick up the car with a full tank, you also return it with a full tank.
  • Check your rental car: make sure that all damage that is already present on the car is added to the contract.
  • Delay: provide your flight number when booking, also call the local rental company in case of delay.
  • Address delivery: do you want to rent a car for just a few days? With Sunnycars you can have the rental car delivered to your accommodation.
  • Round trip: with most of the rental companies it is possible to pick up the car at location A and return it at location B.
  • Unpaved roads: check if the road has an official road number, only then are you insured.



We recommend that you arrange a rental car in advance with Sunnycars . In addition to the benefits that we listed above; you can be sure that you will not be faced with unexpected costs at Sunnycars. Sunnycars offers an all-in-one package. This includes everything such as a wa / ba insurance up to 7.5 million euros, unlimited kilometers, reimbursement of the deductible and cover for glass, tire, floor, and roof damage. Moreover, should something happen along the way, the English-speaking car rental experts are available 24/7. All-in means really all-in. 



Do you want more information about car rental in Sardinia or do you want to book a rental car? This can easily be done via our site , or send an email to

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